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TFTLocal by Darimus

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TFTLocal by Darimus

Post by maki00 on Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:57 pm

TFTLocal's been updated to 1.24b

I've removed the maphack commands (map/noalpha), so this counts as more of a tool than a hack now, I suppose. Of course, it's fairly easy to get a working maphack, I think, so this shouldn't be a problem for anyone.

Download Link
Another Download Link

TFTLocal is a utility which makes many useful features available to you. The features added are listed below.

To use the program, run inject3.exe
The program accepts input in the form of slash commands in a channel or in the game itself.
The game lobby can also be used to process commands, and the /refresh command is exclusive to the lobby.

The commands and results are as follows:

/fog on
/fog off
Disables trigger-based fog

/hchat x y Text
Sends a message as pid x to pid y (0 for all) using the provided text (spoofs chat), host only

/load x
Loads file by name, reading one command per line of the file (Automatically tries .txt and .ini extensions)

/showcmds on
/showcmds off
Changes whether or not standard "Command Recognized" messages are to be shown

/pug x
Use while hosting to rename game to x & make it a public game

/prg x
Use while hosting to rename game to x & make it a private game

/ct on
Click-through enabled; right clicking a unit will not follow, but instead move to the click location
/ct off
Disables click-through

/tt on
Unit mouseover tooltips enabled
/tt off
Unit mouseover tooltips disabled

/hponly on
Mousing over a unit only shows their healthbar, no hero tooltip
/hponly off
Heroes will show their tooltip

Disconnect from

/cd x
Sets game-start countdown time to x (default 6.0)

/bounds reset
Resets camera bounds to world bounds
/bounds lock
Prevents camera bounds from changing
/bounds unlock
Allows camera bounds changes

/dsel on
Disable trigger deselection
/dsel off
Enable trigger deselection

/lb show
Show leaderboard
/lb hide
Hide leaderboard
/lb show #
Show leaderboard by number (1+)
/lb hide #
Hide leaderboard by number (1+)
/lb lock
Prevents trigger-based hide/show of leaderboard
/lb unlock
Allows trigger-based hide/show of leaderboard

/ds on
/ds off
When on, kicks players who attempt to save the game (host only)

/dp on
/dp off
When on, kicks players who attempt to pause the game (host only)

Display names and IPs of players connected to you (host only)

/kick #
Kicks a player by their number; player numbers can be viewed using /names (host only)
/kick name
Kicks a player by a substring in their name; (e.g., /kick dar would kick Darimus) (host only)

/dr x
Set delay to x in milliseconds (host only)
Display current delay in milliseconds (host only)

Enters fullscreen mode

Enters windowed mode

Enable/disable fast map-loading [note: changes mapnames to filenames, and changes sorting to be alphabetical]
/fmaps on
/fmaps off
This feature is, by default, enabled.

Send command to
/bnet /f l
/bnet /f m hi

/refresh x
When used in the game lobby (while hosting), it will silently auto-refresh every x seconds. This is different from most auto-refreshers in that you don't see "Autorefresher has joined the game." messages, but it still refreshes.
Type /refresh 0 or /refresh to turn off.
Press hotkey [Page Up] to do a single manual refresh.
Limited to 2.5s or greater

[Updated: now supports any camera distance... be wary of using 50k+ distances, you may suffer FPS lag]
Control your camera with these features, in case the map you joined allows no camera control:
/cam dist x
/cam aoa x
Angle of Attack
/cam farz x
Far Z
/cam rot x
/cam roll x
/cam lock
This locks your camera view somewhat so that games can't change it. It is not all-inclusive, some things will change your camera view at the moment. I may make this more inclusive at a later date.
/cam unlock
Allows your camera to be manipulated.

Allows you to change your name as it appears when you host or join a game online.
/name x
Changes name to "x".
Changes name to the name you had on logon.

/camlock enable
/camlock disable
Allows maps to lock the camera to a unit. If the camera is already locked and you disable it, you can press control-c in-game to unlock the camera (this key combo is standard).

The 1.22 patch can show health bars, but you don't have the option of ally or enemy, just all.
/hp show
/hp show ally
/hp show enemy
/hp hide ally
/hp hide enemy
/hp hide

Clears all "Game" text messages on your screen. Useful for some maps.

/nokick on
/nokick off
Prevents yourself from being kicked from games via standard kicking means. This will not prevent custom kick programs that kick using lower-level methods.
NOTE: I believe that if you select a unit or issue an order for a currently selected unit, you will desync and be disconnected anyway. You may still chat after being "kicked", however...
NOTE: If you do not press F8 on the "Defeat!" dialog that appears, pressing the Quit button results in everyone getting kicked...

/nofade on
Disables fade filters. Do not use this if there is currently an active fade filter.
/nofade off
Enables fade filters

Press this to escape from cinematics and dialogs, and other such things.
(This works on the Players Lagging window as well, but you are limited to queuing up actions or moving the camera until the player stops lagging)
[Page Up]
Use in the game lobby while hosting to refresh the game (updates the game in players lists, making it more likely people will join your map). Limited to once every 2.5 seconds.
[`] (Grave key)
Toggles the /ct function



Download at your own risk

File received on 2009.08.26 10:01:47 (UTC)
AntivirusVersionLast UpdateResult
Panda10.0.2.22009.08.26Suspicious file
Additional information
File size: 269445 bytes
MD5   : c3784fb720fdda4cb003ec5d544210ff
SHA1  : 3e8e9be0388b620b5d98b03875d2c3681f1c43c3
SHA256: dfe1e43bf18462e5121cf0e77db745eb9de313f2dab29982641a2dccd3044ea0
TrID  : File type identification
ZIP compressed archive (100.0%)
ssdeep: 6144:74Kd+CSHPBNtkYLm/DBkQtY5eVpnkQVk+XLs:77+9BEcml7tmYkMfLs
PEiD  : -
RDS   : NSRL Reference Data Set


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