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Garena skin pack

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Garena skin pack

Post by hartscars on Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:27 pm


* Romania Gaming Community skin
* Skin ICE 1.0 - made by TheReaper
* Futurist 1.0 - made by iREVELATiON
* Garena Blue - made by WyK
* Simple Theme - made by iREVELATiON
* Garena Zyk-Tech - made by WyK
* A7XSkin v1.0 - made by [MoD]_MyStErY
* Garena Fufu Ninja Skin - made by Skiverz
* Three Stars and a Sun - made by xeon


Idea just put it in your garena folder then overwrite it..
Idea to change the skin, go to settings.. select skin tab then select your skin then restart your garena

virus scan :

enjoy! What a Face

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